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Advanced FireBreak and FireIce Gel Mitigation Systems
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EMP/HEMP Hardened Enclosures, Mitigation Products, and Consultation Services

Armored Vehicles & Secure Transportation Services
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Firearm and Survival Skill Training – 
Civilian and Military
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Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Supplies
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Underwater Submersibles and Private Submarines
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Advanced Survival Technology, LLC, is the Leader in Survivability SME, Multi-Hazard Design, Engineering, Consultation, and Construction Management. Offering over 100 years of combined experience, we offer the industry-leading technology and expertise in advanced forecasting capabilities, survivability, sustainability, resiliency, continuity, and protection. We continue to seek and offer the most advanced survival technologies, forecasting technologies, and building systems available around the world, offering hazard mitigation and continuity strategies for any and all necessary applications, including above/below ground or underwater. We are proud to be the leaders in multi-hazard threat mitigation, with our primary focuses on protection, survivability, resiliency, sustainability, self-reliance, forecasting, and innovative energy resources. Our Team is composed of specially contracted and exclusively trained engineers, architects, security specialists, Military, Ex-NAVY Seals, Special Ops, program/project managers, meteorologists, planetary risk experts, and scientists. We pride ourselves as one of the most experienced and versatile companies in the United States and around the world, specializing in the confidential planning, design, and covert construction management of prefabricated & customized shelter systems, hardened & fortified facilities (private, commercial, and military/government applications), CBRNE threat assessment and mitigation, underground and above ground shelter systems, self-sustaining community developments, storm shelters, safe rooms, vaults, tunnel systems, advanced forecasting technologies, advanced fire mitigation technology, miscellaneous fortified/hardened structure applications, site risk assessments and threat evaluations, EMP/HEMP hardening and consultation services (including hardened broadcasting/ communication systems), underwater submersible structures and systems, underwater submarines and personal vehicles (including full operations training), existing structural blast/ballistic fortification, armored vehicles, military and civilian firearm safety and training/survival skill training, and emergency/disaster preparedness supplies.​

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"Our mission at Advanced Survival Technology is to provide the most confidential, cost-effective, advanced, and innovative technology/services available to our Clients around the world.  We make the promise to complete your project needs on time and under budget, guaranteed. Our Client's priority is our top priority.  We thank you for selecting Advanced Survival Technology to meet your needs of sustainability, survivability, continuity, preparedness, protection, and security." 

Ms. Julie Kramer
Advanced Survival Technology, LLC
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