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Advanced Survival Technology Underground & Above Ground Shelter Systems
"NBC" Bomb/Blast Shelter Systems (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), Storm Shelters, Safe Rooms, Vault Systems, Dome Technology, Tunnel Systems
At Advanced Survival Technology, we design our civilian Bomb/Blast/Ballistic Shelters primarily for nuclear weapons of medium to large size, but also secondary for chemical, biological, and radiological dispersion devices and conventional weapons, also known as Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD's. Although the design and dimensions are principally determined for nuclear weapons it can be established that a highly functioning nuclear bomb shelter also offers excellent protection against chemical, biological, and conventional weapons along with most types of WMD's. In addition, with the ever increasing importance of having EMP (Electro-Magnetic pulse) protection of Shelters, and other "HARDENED" structures, we provide State-of-the Art EMP/HEMP mitigation both in terms of Bomb/Blast Shelter design and engineering, which incorporates EMP shielding, and the usage of specialized EMP/HEMP mitigation components. 

The extent of protection for private civilian underground bomb shelters will, in general, be determined by Blast Overpressure measured in "Bars", (where 1 Bar equals 15 psi of applied Blast Overpressure) and initial radiation mitigation. Protection against the penetration of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons is achieved by constant positive internal air pressure maintained by artificially filtered ventilation and air-locks. At Advanced Survival Technology, we use only Military Grade NBC air filtering systems, blast doors, blast valves, and related shelter components. Our standard Blast buildings are rated for 8.0 psi. We can also custom-engineer our product at higher psi ratings to meet your unique building requirements.

Blast and Ballistic-Resistant Buildings

Advanced Survival Technology has a Team that is uniquely equipped to custom design, engineer, and manufacture blast-resistant buildings to meet your most detailed specifications. Offering pre-fabricated steel options, pre-fabricated concrete, or cast-in-place concrete options. We offer a generous list of custom features, and we encourage you to visit with our sales team about any alternative options exclusive to your needs. The quality of our systems is unsurpassed, as is our dedication to meet the confidential and diverse needs of our clients. 

Planning a Bomb Shelter

To properly plan, design, and construct a customized underground or above ground shelter system for our individual clients we must first: 

          •Identify the threat levels; blast overpressure, radiation, etc
          •Identify the assets to be protected; people, possessions, food, water, etc
          •Determine the length of the shelter duration
          •Thoroughly examine the site and geotechnical conditions
          •Be aware of all regulatory agencies having jurisdiction

Once this information is assembled a Protection Program and Cost Model Budget is then submitted to the Client for their review and approval. 

More About Our Bomb/Blast Shelters

  • Permanent & Modular Systems Available - Please Inquire
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Government/Military Applications
  • Financing Available for some models
  • Pre-Fabricated or Custom Designed to Client Specs
  • Covert Construction & Installation
  • Underground & Above Ground Systems Available
Fallout / Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms
At Advanced Survival Technology, we offer a wide range of options for Multi-use Underground Shelters, as structure that offer the necessary protection from Nuclear, Biological and Chemical disasters or emergencies such as hurricanes and tornadoes. As a rule of thumb, a Fall-Out Shelter vs a Bomb Shelter should be considered only if the installation location is greater than 50 miles (80 km) from a Nuclear detonation point. Advanced Survival Technology Fall-Out Shelters are designed by certified structural engineers and meet or exceed F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency) guidelines.

All Shelters are Approved by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Standards.

All Shelters are designed by our EXPERIENCED Multi-Hazard Structural Engineers
Custom Designs for Private/Residential, Commercial, Military, Parks/Community Centers, Schools, Financial Institutions, Law Enforcement/Fire Departments, Town/City Halls.

​At Advanced Survival Technology, our underground multi-hazard community shelters are completely self-contained, high pressure structures, designed to protect 8 -200+ adults for 6 months to 5 years. Multiple shelters can be connected into underground communities to increase capacity and include additional amenities to meet our clients specific and confidential survival needs. We offer long-term sustainable food supply solutions for both underground and above ground survivability such as hydroponics, aquaponics, fish farming, greenhouses, and packaged food supplies with a 25-year shelf life.
School, Multi-Family, and Community Multi-Hazard 
Mitigation Shelters
Advanced Survival Technology is proud to be in collaboration with Safe America to offer affordable above ground protective shelter systems with financing and leasing options available for families and school systems who need it.  

Please download our free brochures below and contact us today for a free quote to meet your specific mitigation needs.  

Protect our children in schools, 
and your precious lives at home!