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Private / Residential 

At Advanced Survival Technology, we design your facility to achieve a Balanced Survivability, ensuring that no one system or component is the "Achilles heel." No matter if it is Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical war, armed assaults, or any civilization altering scenario, our experienced and highly specialized team of engineers, scientists, and fabricators can confidentiality design and covertly construct your facility, efficiently and cost effectively, anywhere in the world.

Advanced Survival Technology's first steps in determining the feasibility of constructing a “HARDENED” home in a specific location is to completely understand our Client's priorities, goals, and budget; thoroughly examine the site and its surroundings; be fully aware of all regulatory agencies having jurisdiction; and to conduct a full Risk Assessment. This is completed using our proprietary "Confidential Client Interview Form". Once this information has been assimilated and agreed upon, the development of the A.S.T. Feasibility Study can be completed and submitted. This study is a condition precedent to establishing Program of Requirements, which then allows the Client to modify the Program or continue to the next phases. The planning, design, and construction of a hardened structure is technically specific and complex and is executed through the following phases:


Balanced Survivability
Risk Assessment
+ Phase One - A.S.T. Feasibility Study 

+ Phase Two - Protection Program

+ Phase Three - Design Documents

+ Phase Four - Permitting (if req)

+ Phase Five - Pre-Construction

+ Phase Six - Construction

+ Phase Seven - Client Move-in

+ Phase Eight - Systems Orientation
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While each risk situation is unique and requires a methodical threat assessment tailored to the client's needs, Advanced Survival Technology's experience mitigating across a spectrum of threats has enabled us to design both permanent and modular, configurable systems that enables survivability in even the most demanding scenarios.

At Advanced Survival Technology our fortified structures can range from a single safe room to a multi-building self-sustaining, secured, survival community. However, they are principally designed as our Client's private residence or VIP house. Simply stated, your home is now your secured castle! 
In order to prepare for anarchy, economic collapse, armed assaults, terrorist attacks, severe weather phenomenon, planetary risks, and other miscellaneous disasters and emergencies , our Team will work with you to maintain the highest level of preparedness possible. Given limited resources, managing the risk posed by major events is imperative. In an atmosphere of changing and evolving threats, resilience, sustainability, and preservation are the cornerstones, and are vital in building structures that will enable the Client to prevent, defend against, respond to and recover, from a wide range of Major Threat Events. We address these challenges by employing a Multi-Hazard Engineering methodology that not only recognizes individual hazards and threats sequentially but also address all hazards and threats simultaneously as a problem of optimization under constraints. 

The facilities and structures can be protected against a wide range of threats including forced entry/assaults, climate change, chemical / biological / radiological / explosive (CBRE) agents, air-blast, ground shock, penetration, fragmentation and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading. 

Along with the Client's particular living, functionality, and storage requirements, the designs also incorporate active offensive and defensive components, and mechanical responses to reduce the effectiveness of any given threat while providing for individual and family long term living requirements. 
Fortified structures are special, and so are the people who choose them. At Advanced Survival Technology, confidentiality of ALL PROJECTS is paramount. We serve as our Client's agent, representing their best efforts by professionally and stealthily implementing a design/build program to meet any Threat Event.

Advanced Survival Technology's team of experienced structural engineers and designers are available to review and design solutions to fortify/harden residential structures to mitigate a wide variety of attacks or disasters. The new hardening/fortification can be incorporated into new Residential designs or through upgrading an existing private home to client specific requirements. 

A fortified home that is safe and secure against a variety of threats is an excellent way to protect your family and your investments.  

Let us assist you today, with the best "insurance" you will ever purchase...