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Advanced Survival Technology is proud to announce a new partnership with Defender Technologies to bring an incredible new patented building technology system to the public and private sectors.  Presenting the Advanced Defender Building System, offering endless multi-hazard protection capabilities and applications. 

This building system is focused on protective and resilient construction and self-sustaining community developments.  Builders and Land Developers are encouraged to contact Advanced Survival Technology, to participate in our vision for the development of resilient and protective structures as we progress into an ambiguous future for severe weather and planetary risk threats.  

This patented building system is available anywhere in the world, and offers innovative technology that enables the development for structurally engineered applications to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds up to 200 mph, resistance to earthquakes (up to 7.0 on the Richter scale), flying projectiles, mold, fire, carpenter ants, mud slides, and flood/water damage.  This building system provides the necessary hazard mitigation for survivability, sustainability, protection, and green energy savings, as well as the added benefits of shorter construction time, labor costs, and possible insurance savings (contact us for more information on whether these insurance savings are available in your area.)

Since the start of the 21st Century, this building technology has been utilized globally to construct over 60,000 units in more than 15 countries with 30,000 additional unites scheduled for completion by the end of 2013. While no technology can be rendered "indestructible", our Advanced Defender Building System comes as close as any affordably priced structure can be, and is the wave of the future in the building industry!

Just a FEW Advantages:

  • 4-inch (thicker on multi-storied or ballistic/blast resistant structures) concrete reinforced on 16-inch centers with vertical/horizontal steel reinforcement bars.
  • 4000 p.s.i. concrete custom-poured to spec on-site (not pre-fabricated or shipped in) 
  • Tested to withstand 1800 degree Farenheight direct flame for over two hours with no loss of structural integrity - (inquire about our new patented firebreak system)
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Government/Military, FEMA, HUD, and Community Development Applications
  • Engineered to withstand (minimal) 200 mph winds 
              (Cat 5 starts at 156 mph on the Saffir-Simpson Scale)
  • Exponentially stronger than wood-frame
  • Tested to withstand light ballistics (can be engineered and tested to provide heavier ballistic/blast protection needs)  to include 9 mm, .45 cal, and M-16. Bullets did NOT penetrate or compromise the structure, photos available demonstrating these test results at 80 feet)
  • Designed to withstand earthquakes
  • "Green Construction" (uses up to 75% less trees in construction
  • Extremely Energy Efficient (estimated to use 40% less energy than traditional stick-built)
  • Acoustically superior
  • Designed to exceed IBHS Fortified Gold Standard which typically carries on a 40%-60% discount on insurance premiums (contact us for more information in your area)
  • Does not absorb water (unlike concrete block)
             Resists Mold
             Impervious to Termites and Ants
             Does Not Rot

The Time for Rebuilding with Resilience and Protection is NOW! 

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Advanced Defender Building System
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