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Hardening of Buildings and Structures
Innovative structural solutions are needed to harden and fortify new or existing commercial structures to accommodate client priorities. Advanced Survival Technology has the required experience to design, engineer, and manage the construction of these specialized projects, offering complete turn-key services.
The Advanced Survival Technology's Engineering Team provides the following building “hardening” services to meet your damage mitigation expectations:

  • Blast mitigation design and construction for new or existing commercial buildings

  • Analysis of structural building elements

  • Site and building assessments of a commercial building from a wide  

  • Security assessment including building “hardening” recommendations

Structural Hardening and Fortification

The Advanced Survival Technology Team provides a detailed survey to determine and record current structural integrity, barriers, detection systems, operational, logistic, and security requirements, roads, landscaping, and other features.

This initial site survey information must be integrated and coupled with the appropriate building “Hardening” design and planning to provide the necessary client specific level of protection for critical asset protection.
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