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Advanced Survival Technology works with only industry leading and proven technologies to provide the most accurate Threat Assessments and Advanced Protection Systems against CBRN threats. From Metropolitan Commercial Development Projects to PetroChemical and Nuclear Power Plant Threat Mitigation needs, we have the most advanced and cost effective solution on the market. Contact your local A.S.T. office to review your commercial application requirements. 
C.B.R.N. Threat Mitigation & Assessments

High Speed Detection and Shut Down in seconds – Critically providing detection-to-HVAC shutdown in seconds.
Elimination of False Positives – Redundant design coupled with proprietary firmware and software algorithms generate a 99.7% confidence level.
Automated Response – Eliminating human intervention for HVAC shutdown. Robust Design, Field-proven Technology – Built for the harsh building environment using base technologies which have been in use every day for decades.
Broad Spectrum Sensing – Providing radiological library of up to 120 isotopes and a huge chemical spectrum offering the most reliable sensing available today.
Flexible, Modular “Plug and Play” Design – Creating a backbone detection system that is simple to install into any architecture, and inexpensive to maintain and upgrade.
24/7/365 Remote Monitoring – Providing first responders with useful real time data to expedite a safe building rescue.
Multi-level Security Protection – Multi-key access and continuous real-time monitoring insure that your system is up and operating accurately.
Developed by Experts – Created by building infrastructure professionals and experts in nuclear and chemical detection.
UL 508A Compliant SAFETY Act Designated Technology

  • Save Innocent Lives
  • Protect Assets
  • Limit Business Interruption
  • Reduce Clean-up & Abatement Costs
  • May Reduce Insurance Premium
  • Workers Compensation
  • Terrorism Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Third Party Liability
  • Cost Effective – Modular design makes for simple, seamless installation with no interruption to commerce.
  • Limit Your Liability via the Product Designation by the DHS as defined in the SAFETY Act of 2002
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